4 thoughts on “Hannity: Barack Obama & Friends: History of Radicalism

  1. Isolnd,

    Not the case, I am squarely for McCain/Palin. As for the rest of what you said, well that sort of flowery writing is lost on me, because I have no idea what you said.

  2. Wally is for Obama, this is a site to get people off of Obama’s radical views. What Obama puts himself around is what he is, what he supports, what he believes, what he will be.

  3. I laugh at myself quite often and yet it never occurred to me that it was because I myself were a “freaking joke.” Thanks for the revelation.

    Might you also reveal what portion of the video you feel is untruthful. Several people have arrived at this sight to look at Hannity’s video and would seem more constructive if you were to point out which portions you feel are untruthful and perhaps throw in a little supporting evidence.

  4. Wally,

    You are a freaking joke. By watching and supporting lies and propaganda like this you show you are really not a Christian. A Christian is honest. I am ashamed you live in my state.