City of Seattle out stupids the City of Bellingham

Seattle: a ‘metronatural’ city

Boy is Seattle stupid for spending $200,000 dollars on this logo. I know, I know it probably took a highly paid and highly edumacated team years to develop. It’s not like they just stuck two words together. It’s got a lofty concept. And then Seattle will spend another $300,000 to convince people it’s a good idea. We sure is smart up hear cause our logo cost us only $32,000 and we ain’t spent a penny convincing people it’s not a puddle.


Oh yeah, they spent more money to trademark their new word:) What’ll those city folk think of next?


I’m going to start right now on the new modern logo for my town. Let’s see – urbanstump, greenslip, townmuddy, shrubbuilding, Ferndale

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