Did I pick winners?

At this point it looks as if the election did not go my way for most of my candidates and initiatives. Only Dale Brandland and Doug Erickson seem to be doing well enough at this point to potentially win. But I’m not disappointed. It isn’t a game where the object is to predict the winners. I would have chose differently if that were the case. But I voted the way I thought best and I am proud of my choices without regret.

Here are my votes:

Mike McGavick – U.S. Senator

Doug Roulstone – Congressional District #2

Dale Brandland – State Senator, District #42

Doug Erickson – Representative, District #42, Position #1

Stephan Johnson – State Supreme Court Justice, Position #2

Initiative 920 – YES

Initiative 933 – YES

Initiative 937 – NO

Official Election Results from Secretary of State Sam Reed’s office. No interpreting or guessing, just results. Here is how things stacked up in Whatcom County.


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