Veterans Clinic in Whatcom?

Gene Goldsmith of Ferndale had a great opinion letter in the Bellingham Herald today. To quote him, “If we veterans are serious about having a clinic during this administration, then we should vote Doug Roulstone.” Most people are aware that Gene and Yvonne Goldsmith know their way around politics in Whatcom County. I will trust his analysis of the issue, but am glad he made it a simple answer; Vote Doug Roulstone, US Congress.

I recently met Doug Roulstone and found him to be an intelligent, determined and level headed guy. He said he would fight for a clinic in our county. I believe him.

Why do we need a veteran’s clinic in Whatcom?

How many of us dread driving to Seattle? How many of us are willing to take a day off of work for each medical appointment? How many of us can afford gas for driving to appointments in Seattle? If we don’t want to do this, why expect veterans to do this.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking of our veterans as only a handful of elderly WWII vets. Because we maintain a military, we have veterans of all ages. And with our efforts to make our world safer, we have combat veterans from Vietnam, Granada, Somalia, the Gulf War, Afghanistan, Iraq and I’m sure some I’ve missed. They are our parents, friends and children. They have fought for us. Let’s try and get them a local clinic, so they don’t have to fight for medical care.

Vote Doug Roulstone, US Congress

And if you see one of the Goldsmiths on a ballot, then vote for them also.

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