Nooksack casino coverage is inadequate

After recieving an email from a member of the North County Community Alliance, I spent a bit of time at their site ( I was a bit dumb founded that I had missed so much of what all their concerns are regarding the casino. I guess I stupidly assumed that reading the Herald’s special coverage would give me all the news.

Here is a letter I fired off the the Herald a minute ago.

Nooksack casino coverage is inadequate

With a special section devoted to casino coverage I would have expected to find most of the facts surrounding the casino issue. Guess what? I didn’t.

Your coverage mildly says,

“The alliance claims that the federal agencies have not determined if the off-reservation site is indeed tribal trust land and that the gaming commission has not ensured that the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act has been followed properly.”

Here are a couple of quotes from North County Community Alliances letter to Secretary Kempthorne and Governor Gregoire.

“The FBI records confirm that a “Filipino Gang,” … has taken over the Nooksack Tribal Council, 18 of whom have been indicted for a “marijuana-import” business, conducted in concert with tribal members of the neighboring Canadian (Skway) tribe near Chilliwack, B.C.”

“In addition to drug-smuggling, the FBI confirmed a conspiracy warranting indictments under RICO (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) of two Nooksack officials for embezzlement of federal moneys”

Doesn’t the Herald think its readers deserve to know who really is setting up shop in their neighborhood? And on our nation’s border?

I think every Whatcom resident should oppose the casino and all that goes with it. Start by visiting

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