Deserters are not war objectors

People like Mr. Watada who refused to re-deploy and Mr. Clousing who snuck away from his unit a year ago are not war objectors nor conscientious objectors. They are deserters.Even though I disagree with conscientious objectors, at least they work within the system. But these guys are not conscientious objectors nor merely war objectors. They are criminals because they choose to work outside our system of laws. They deserted their duties, leaving others to risk their lives defending our nation. What they did is not heroic and they are not heroes.

Also I would consider the local coverage of deserters as nearly criminal. KGMI yesterday hosted Peter Laufer, conscientious objector and author of books encouraging desertion. The host Joe Teehan, said he was in complete agreement with Mr. Laufer as they lauded the “courage” of people like Watada and Clousing. Today’s Herald headline regarding Clousing “War objector plans to surrender” was equally as poor. Objecting to war is not the same as desertion. Granted the Herald was running an AP story, but they choose their sources and stories. They are responsible for local printing of a story that glorifies desertion.

Condoning criminal activity is in a gray area. Inciting criminal activity such as desertion has crossed the line. Maybe someone from the both Herald and KGMI need to turn them selves into local authorities?

Ironic note: Mr. Clousing qouted Martin Luther King in his desertion note. What’s ironic is that the original Martin Luther, father of Christian reform, thought Muslims were a bigger threat to reform than Catholics. Not because of ideology, but because of their sword.

Just some FYI on Freedom of Speech, Treason and Espionage

On December 20, 1917, Charles Schenck was convicted in federal district court for violating the Espionage Act, which prohibited individuals from obstructing military recruiting, hindering enlistment, or promoting insubordination among the armed forces of the United States.Schenck v. United States Information From

Schenck, who was the general secretary of the Socialist party in the United States, had been indicted for mailing antidraft leaflets to more than fifteen thousand men in Philadelphia.Schenck v. United States Information From

How is using radio waves to encourage insubordination and desertion any different than using the mail?

I don’t see them as different! I think the Herald and KGMI have committed treasonous acts.

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