Keep Spreading the Rumor

I hope more people around the world take to heart what John Kerry said about our troops being uneducated idiots. This is an insult on par with “You got beat up by a girl” or “my little sister could take you” Imagine how scary it is for the radical Muslims to know that the worst of our society is cleaning house. I never doubted that John Kerry was a war hero so I hope he keeps up the good work of defaming/defending our nation.

Seriously, even if John Kerry’s speech writers meant to insult the president, would the comment been more appropriate? And regardless of the speech writers intent, a little phenomenon called a Freudian slip seems to have let loose Mr. Kerry’s true feelings about our military. And if John Kerry was himself in the military, does this mean that he thinks he is an uneducated loser? Or does this all stem from an unhealthy relationship with his mother?

Egypt Sends Sadat’s Nephew to Prison for Defaming Military No news yet whether the US will follow Egypt‘s lead in dealing with John Kerry

Serving up half the news for dinner:

You’ll find articles littering the news with titles such as Israeli warplanes fly low over Lebanon and Israel continues Lebanon overflights despite criticism. But it is pretty rare that you will find the other half of the story. ‘Arms still smuggled into Lebanon from Syria’

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