More BS from Bellingham’s small media world.

Our media seems to be ruled by the Opposition Party. Is Larry Estrada just some guy also? Today the Herald printed his letter to the editor one day after he was a guest on KGMIs Liberal Outpost, and one day after they ran a special column by Carl Shook promoting a Larry Estrada backed kangaroo hearing that will be held tomorrow.What a freaky coincidence. Sure Larry is entitled to his opinion. But why didn’t it get printed next week? Or last week?

Does forming a media syndicate mean you are in syndication?

Wait, wait, this is a new term: Creationist news. Why wait for news to Evolve before you report? Heck, Create your own news.P.S Did anyone mention that some refer to Larry Estrada as one of the most dangerous academics in America. Just wanted to give him all the credit he is due.

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