Back from the Airplane Ride

Back in town now after a bit of work on the other coast. Airport security went just fine. At SeaTac the wait was about normal. About the same as pre-Beverage Bombers. People were very cool as TSA confiscated water, coffee, lens cleaning solution and yogurt. The lack of a carryon water bottle bummed me. But Delta had them on the plane. During both flights the attendants were aggressively yet politely enforcing the no electronics rules.

The flight back had an interesting and mostly positive appeal to it. After we started descent into Seattle there was an announcement regarding a young serviceman returning home from basic training before active duty in Alaska. There was a great round of applause followed then by subdued applauding as the attendant went on to say he would be shipping to Iraq at the start of the year. The attendant asked that when we landed they would like everyone to remain seated and let the young man off quickly.

Guess what? Ten minutes later as we parked at the gate several passengers got up anyway. Imagine how selfish a person must be to do this. Several flight attendants, passengers, elderly passengers as well as myself, quickly corrected these folks behavior and the young service man was applauded off the plane.

My thanks to Delta for the good thought.

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