Check: “This is Rich”

Check out This is Rich over at Right on the Left Coast.  If the Democratic Party believes that there is nothing wrong with the socialist policies they are promoting, then why argue over referring to them as socialist?

Our forefathers were smart.  They built into our laws the ability to peacefully change the face of our nation.  So, if the Democratic Party really thinks that socialism is the way forward for our nation, then why won’t they just put the cards on the table and let the people decide?

Time to call Barack Obama and the Democratic Party on this before we put in all our chips, then find, post election, that they were bluffing.  Socialism is the antithesis of the United States.

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One Response to “Check: “This is Rich””

  1. I agree that socialism is the antithesis of the United States.

    The Republican party stands as the best defense against socialism and statism in America. Unfortunately we’ve let our own politicians implement socialist policies and have not called them out on it. Sadly, it appears as though we will pay a significant price for abondoning our ideals in this election. Everyone who is active in the Republican party grassroots needs to “get all mavericky up in there” and put principal before party. This means identifying and rejecting many socialist and statist actions that elected Republican officials have committed. Only then will American voters take us and our message seriously again.