image007 Another strong vote for what is right is author Randy Alcorn.  I’d never heard of Randy Alcorn until my pastor reccomended one of his fictional book series.  I still haven’t found the time to read one of his novels, but I did find Randy Alcorn’s Eternal Perspectives blog and have visited from time to time.

Now here is our moral dilemma. Our next mayor will either be the 98%-don’t-drown-the-children candidate OR the 100%-drown-all-children-whose-parents-don’t-want-them candidate.

If you vote for the candidate in favor of saving 98 babies, it could be argued that you would be voting for the lesser of evils, since killing one or two children is evil. But after all these years of child-killing, you see the opportunity

Randy’s post is not a short read, but it is miles above everyday blog material.  Why I’m Voting for 98% Pro-life John McCain rather than 100% Pro-legal-abortion Barack Obama