American Indian children are more special in Ferndale

The Bellingham Herald news: Preschool for American Indians to open

The Ferndale School District is hoping to close the achievement gap for American Indian students with the help of a new preschool, funded by a $955,000 federal grant.

“Early childhood education is a very powerful preventive way to deal with future learning issues,” said Michael Berres, Ferndale’s director of special services.

The preschool, scheduled to open in November, will serve children ages 3 and 4. Preference will be given to American Indian children…

This doesn’t sound so bad. But while almost a million dollars is being thrown to the American Indian students to get a head start, the long established and successful Headstart program in Ferndale will not be able to start this fall. They don’t have enough money to rent a facility. They, by the way, have a proven track record of giving a head start to all children regardless of race or ethnicity, even the American Indian children.

Wally Wonders Why some children are seen as more special than others?

I submitted the following letter to the editor at the Herald.

Just so everyone is aware. The Ferndale Head Start is having trouble getting started this fall due to lack of funds to pay rent. This is not the other Ferndale program that was granted $955,000 to give a head start to American Indian children in Ferndale. This is the real proven Head Start program that is open to all needy preschoolers regardless of race or ethnicity. This includes American Indians. Every time one group is given special treatment, another seems to suffer.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in our nation were treated equal, held to the same standards and with equal access to what this nation has to offer?

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