Hillary’s liberal logic of Pro-choice

This was on Newsmax a week or so ago. I wanted to comment on it then but I didn’t and almost forgot. I don’t think anyone made a big deal of it. But it really struck me.

Hillary Clinton: Right Wingers to Blame for Abortion
2008 White House hopeful Hillary Clinton is blaming right wing “ideologues” for denying women access to contraceptives – leaving them no choice but to end their unwanted pregnancies with abortion.

So just how are these right wing ideologues driving up the abortion rate? Clinton explains:

“Low-income women, denied access to contraception, are having more unwanted pregnancies – four times as many as those for higher income women. And almost half of all unwanted pregnancies end in abortions.”

The former first lady didn’t explain, however, why – in places like New York City, where high school nurses’ offices distribute candy-flavored condoms – the abortion rate continues to soar.

There were two things that struck me. First was that… Ok three things that struck me.

First the catchy title. The Liberal/left can’t seem to take responsibility for anything. In this case Hillary is taking it so far as to make conservatives responsible for liberal behavior.

Second, the root of the problem is not lack of contraception. It is abundance of sex by those who are not willing to take responsibility for one of its probable outcomes, i.e. a baby.

The third thing that struck me was the “choice” or lack of “choice.” Hillary has just reaffirmed that Pro-Choice equals Pro-Abortion. In the liberal mind, there is no choice in Pro-Choice. In normal life, choice means you have more than one option. Choices could be that you raise the child, you give it up for adoption, or you simply kill the child. Oops, did I write “kill the child?” What I meant to write was; “exercise their right to access women’s healthcare.”

Ok, bottom line. It seems in the liberal/left eyes of Hillary, pregnancy means “…no choice but to end their unwanted pregnancies with abortion.”

Wally wonders what Chelsea thinks of her mothers position?

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