Bellingham Herald, yes used again

This time it was again in the letters to the editor/opinion section. Earlier this month they tried to pass a well entrenched activists opinion off as just some guy’s opinion. See my May 8th entry about Carl Shook.

Today I read another in the letter to the editor/personal opinion section. It was authored by David Cahn and titled “Sees immigration as a distraction from issues.” The author refers to the real issue as “U.S. companies moved our jobs overseas, destroying the economies of other countries and undercutting the strength of unions.” He also very creatively used the word “nativism.” He seemed to be implying that what he calls “true” Americans have made it a habit of blaming ethnic groups for their problems. In the past Eastern Europeans or Asians and this time Latinos.

So what about the Herald being used again? Well again is David Cahn just some guy? His name seemed familiar, his opinion seemed a bit off the norm and he used the word nativism. Quick, properly use the word “nativism” in a sentence. So with a little poking around on the fabulous internet I found why he seemed familiar.

David Cahn – assistant coordinator of Social Issues Resource Center at WWU
“…responsible for producing events which further the political, social, economic and cultural awareness of members of the campus and Bellingham community.

David Cahn who Worked with Coalition for Professional Law and Border Enforcement, ACLU-WA Whatcom County Chapter and the WWU ACLU-WA Club. On an event named “Rights on the Line: Vigilantes at the Border” to protest the Minuteman Project, referred to as “armed vigilante groups have harassed border crossers and communities.”

David Cahn who has been interviewed by Western Front with regards to his involvement with “White Privilege Awareness Week”

David Cahn who is in another blog is quoted as saying “I think that every institution in this country is racist, and that includes higher education, and that includes Western Washington University,”

So did the Herald get used again? Did this well connected activist slip his activist agenda/opinion past the Herald editorial board? Did the Herald not catch this? Did they really just think he is just some guy?

I’m having trouble believing that. One slip sure, but a couple of slips? No. I’m beginning to think that someone on the editorial board is using there position to forward specific ideas as if they were those of the public at large. If anyone is getting used it is the Bellingham Herald readership. If the Herald or someone at the Herald thinks an activists agenda is worth presenting, then they should have the guts to do a real story and interview. Again, show some courage!

Here is the letter I wrote to the Herald on this subject.

I was very displeased to see an opinion letter today titled “Sees immigration as a distraction from issues” written by David Cahn. What displeases me is that for the second time in the last month you have printed a letter from a well connected activist as if it were a personal opinion of just some guy. The first letter was from Carl Shook and I emailed you guys on that one also. If you want to present an activist opinion then do a story. Tell us who they are, what group they are with, what their opinion is, and for good journalism, present an opposing opinion. Have some courage, don’t be sneaky.


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