Teacher ‘berates’ student for supporting John McCain

Partial transcript from a OneNewsNow posted of a video.  Sadly, I was not shocked that this is from a U.S. classroom.  I’m sure this represents the extreme position, but I’ve experienced the same sentiment locally.

A recently published YouTube video shows a North Carolina teacher discussing the presidential election in her classroom of young students. At one point the teacher asked the students to raise their hands and state who they were voting for in the school’s mock presidential election.

Student 1: “Obama.”

Teacher: “You’re pulling for Obama. Who are you pulling for? And if you’re pulling for John McCain, that’s fine; say him as well.”

Student 2: “Barack.”

Teacher: “Obama.”

Student 3: “John McCain.”

Teacher: “John…oh Lord, John McCain.”

Student 4: “John McCain.”

Teacher: “Oh, Jesus. John McCain, okay.”

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