The strength of President Bush

Imagine how strong you must be to continue to do the right thing no matter how many lies are being told about you and the people you work with. To wake up every morning knowing that the news will again be “reporting” that you are doing a poor job and not reporting the facts that prove you are doing a good and honest job as our president.

I woke up this morning reading the same news. More fact devoid stories claiming our President is a war mongering liar. I read the latest about depressed Guantanamo prisoners feigning suicide in revolt attempts. I read more claims that we were lied to about WMD’s in Iraq and we can expect nothing but the same lies about Iran.

There is a point where I feel the fourth estate is committing treason by not reporting the facts, and with purpose of making their own news chooses to crucify President Bush. I also feel that the point was crossed quite awhile ago. I always thought the fourth estate had the duty to dig for facts and make sure public official could not sweep them aside, a duty to make sure that the public had the facts so they could decide. I see I was wrong. I see the media sweeping aside facts in favor of better ratings.

I’ve thrown in a few facts today, just to give everyone a flavor of our enemy that you don’t get from the media. These are just a few excerpts from hundreds of documents out there that the media is not reporting on.

Fact 1 – from the Al Qaida training manual. Note the nuclear weapons section.

Take refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan
So, fight them till all opposition ends, and obedience is wholly Allah’s.
Al Anfal/The Spoils of War [Sura 8], verse 39

-Special Goals
1. Recruitment of individuals for enlistment in Al Qaida.
2. Upward development in the level of fighting Al Qaida members.
3. Making Al Qaida an establishment for combat and training expertise.

*The Organizational Structure for the Military Committee.
-President of the committee
-General Section: training-combat
-Special Section: training-operations
-Nuclear Weapons Section
-Library and Research Section

Fact 2 – translation of Iraqi documents. Iraq did have, did use and did produce WMD’s

3. Due to limited supply of Special Equipment at the
present time, it is preferable we adopt one of the
following options:
A. First Option
Striking the two chosen targets during this period by using
two thirds of available special equipment (Ricin Gas)
plus one thirds of available special equipment (Mustard
Gas), and keeping the balance for emergency situations in
the field of operations.
B. Second Option
Postpone executing the strike till mid-April 1987, and
until such time enough supply of special equipment is
available, and production improves.

Fact 3: This is what we want to find in phone transcripts. Mr. Bush doesn’t care how many times you called your mother and he will not be subpoenaing transcripts to find her stroganoff recipe.

Male 2
Chemical or Missile?
Male 3
All of them, and he wants to ask about
all especially the Chemical, the is a point maybe Lt.General Husayn will explain its details, because they did explained to me, and I understood it. They have brought new information it was not there before, and it is that Iraq bought or contracted or talked about the subject of some kind of Parachutes that are used with Missiles. What is this Parachute? Why do you link it to the Missile? Does it mean? Then you…
Male 2
You want to make it a Germ?
Male 3
Yes, the intention is that the Missile will be filled with Chemical or Germ, and when it comes down it will cover a wider circle than the traditional Missile.
Male 2
That’s good they are teaching us things that will be useful in the future.

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