Bellingham Herald got used

This morning the Herald did run a story about Ward Churchill coming to WWU. I am glad to see at least something about it. They interviewed Professor. Steve Woods from Western about the event.

“Don’t believe him. Don’t believe his detractors. Make up your own mind,” Woods said. “Thinking for yourself is a pretty radical idea, but we think it is important.”

Wow! An open debate with Ward Churchill? Umm, well no?

“Woods expects Churchill’s speech to focus on indigenous rights,”

What do indigenous rights have to do with what you believe about Ward Churchill’s plagiarism and anti-US behavior?

Oh wait I remember both the Herald and Dr. Woods forgot to mention that the whole event is sponsored by the liberals at the Whatcom Human Rights Task Force. Here is what their website had to say about the event:

“…annual opportunity for advocates, academics and activists to come together to exchange ideas. The emphasis is on sharing experiences, perspectives and methods related to building civil discourse, grassroots action and awareness. “

So is this event really about thinking for yourself and debate about controversial ideas? Or is it about the WHRTF training our kids in grassroots actions and civil discourse, kicked off with an anti-US speech by the Anti-US Ward Churchill?

I have my opinion.

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