Ward Churchill in Bellingham

We continue to pay our taxes in order to have our youth subverted by WWU. Now we have guest subversionist like this guy coming to town.

Remember David Horowitz’s “101 Most Dangerous Academics in America.” Ward Churchill is on the list as well as our local anti-US Professor Larry Estrada of WWU. Remember Ward Churchill the man who said that the 911 victims got what they deserved.

And remember our Larry Estrada, former board member of WHRTF (who is the sponsor of this event), involved with MechA who recently helped to organize pro-illegal immigration rallies, and man who criticized how Ward Churchill phrased what he said about 911, but didn’t criticize what he said.

There has been a lot of controversy about colleges who invite Ward Churchill to speak. But what kind of controversy can there be when the general public doesn’t know he will be speaking.

Is the Herald going to run this story? Is KGMI? We have a local liberal voice with KGMI’s Joe Teehan. Do I believe that any of these sources will speak to all the issue? No, not a chance in Bellingham! We will get the Bush is a liar, Bush is a racist, Bush stole my toilet paper rhetoric.

No, we won’t see an expose on Mr. Churchill’s anti-American behavior. We won’t hear why other colleges didn’t want him to speak. Nope, none of it. Not a chance in Bellingham of that happening.

Where is our local conservative voice?

I believe there would be a lot people who would be offended that their taxes were going in the pocket of this guy.

Address of CASCAID and WHRTF, conference coordinators. Don’t forget to look at the incestuous list of participants.




May 19 & 20: 2006 CASCAID Peace & Justice Conference at the Communications Facility, Western Washington University. An opportunity for advocates, academics and activists to come together for sharing experiences, perspectives and methods related to building civil discourse, grassroots social action and awareness. The weekend will include a film festival, “speakout”, and keynote address from indigenous activist and scholar Ward Churchill on Friday, with workshops, discussion forums, academic presentations, a kids’ peace faire, art exhibits, and other events on Saturday.

Address of Horowitz list


Comments from an anonymous blogger:

On November 7, I witnessed one of the least respectful speakers to have been hired by Evergreen student groups. Ward Churchill spoke for three hours, and I would respectfully suggest that he should not be a paid speaker at Evergreen again, not because of his politics, but because of his lack of ethics and professionalism.

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