Prayer in schools

I have always believed that it is both right and constitutionally correct to allow prayer in school. The true “separation of church and state” allows for personal prayer as long as the school (government) makes no rules establishing which religious prayers are acceptable and not acceptable. For the last 3 or 4 decades this separation has been interpreted as allowing no prayer whatsoever in public schools. If your child wants to pray in school they have to do it secretly, without drawing attention to themselves. Alternatively, you could homeschool or you could pay to send your children to private school, while you continue to support this public school interpretation with your tax dollars. Apparently this maybe changing in Seattle, where they are looking into supporting the prayer needs of students and families. The kicker though, is that in the name of “equity” only Muslim students will receive this special support. Following is an excerpt from the Seattle Education Association news letter:

The SPS Department of Race and Equity is looking
for SEA members to participate in a “Prayer in Schools
Committee,” the charge of which is to look at how to
address this issue District wide and to provide information
about our Muslim students that will help teachers and
building leaders make decisions that support the needs of
our diverse students and families.

I would applaud Seattle Public Schools if they were looking into supporting prayer needs of all students regardless of race, religion etc. I will condemn actions that have our schools promoting the prayer needs of one group while denying the prayer needs of all other groups. This is not fair, not equitable and not constitutional.

This is the URL of the newsletter.

There is an email address in the article. I’m sure the email I sent wasn’t what they wanted to hear. But too bad, they work for the taxpayers.

Thank to Dan Sytman of KTTH bringing this to my attention.

And finally, just for the record. Only non-criminal prayer needs should be allowed in schools. If your prayer needs call for you to sacrifice kittens and/or young children, then this clearly does not belong in public schools. I just wanted to be clear on that.

Later addition: Ken Shram of all people addressed this issue. Here is and address:

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