NSA and Joe Teehan

This post was written during a weak moment. May contain cheap shots and other statements that I won’t be proud of in the morning

I caught a bit of Joe Teehan’s show last night where he flung around words of conspiracy, secrecy, invasion of privacy, government spying, etc. He was of course referring to his twisted lack of facts, condemn President Bush version of the NSA phone records story. Joe has a knack for blaming every ill on President Bush. For him it seems easy and maybe fun, especially fun since he doesn’t bother to worry about facts, truth, integrity and such.

But I’m with you Joe, President Bush is definitely up to something. The other day I was in the bathroom and the toilet paper was gone. I don’t mean misplaced. It was gone. Someone was in there before me, there were muddy footprints. Was it a super secret agency or President Bush himself?

And well, Joe, calling our President a clown? That speaks so much to who you are. And who are you?

Just look at your KGMI photo. You da clown. You da rodeo clown.


As for the NSA phone records issue. It’s a non-issue in my phone book. Joe and others in the media keep referring to the NSA as a super secret agency. The NSA hasn’t been a secret for along time. They have a website, it even has a kid’s page, the agency is no secret. The real story about how the phone records system works is readily available at several reputable sites on the web. Again it is no secret.

The NSA collects non-descriptive records of numbers that connect to other numbers, no name attached. When looking at a suspected terrorist or terrorist group they can then see what numbers have been connecting to them either in or out. At that point if they see a pattern, they can subpoena the personal information for the numbers, or simply google the numbers and often get the same information. No illegal invasion of privacy. No personal information without due legal process.

If you want to really understand this system watch Without a Trace or one of the other popular crime shows. This method is a staple in their plots.

Please NSA, if my number is connecting terrorist’s numbers, come and find out why. If my neighbor’s number is connecting to terrorist’s number, come and find out why. Do it quick, do it now. I give you my permission, at least for my number.

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