Just some guy?

A week or so after the Human Rights Commission was in town the Bellingham Herald had a few personal opinion letters in support of the Minutemen. That was good to see because it sounded like it was about 200 to 1 odds at the meeting. It was nice to see the editorial board allow these to slip through. The “news” side of the paper was a bit colder to this side and a lot warmer to the anti-Minutemen camp.

Today I read an opinion letter denouncing the Minuteman, their sneaky tactics and there anti-immigrant way. The letter goes on to speak about the reasonableness, fairness and democratic nature of the Coalition for Professional Law and Border Enforcement. What caught my eye was the use of the word “our” in the letter. I wonder if everyone will catch it? I quickly scan down and see that the letter writer is Carl Shook.

So is Carl Shook just some guy? His letter was signed:

Carl Shook

He may be just some guy, but some of the stuff he writes at www.notinmycounty.org is signed like this:

Carl Shook
Community to Community Development
Coalition for Professional Law and Border Enforcement
Bellingham, W

So while he may in fact be “just some guy,” his opinions are not “just some opinions.” These two groups he represents were responsible for bringing the task force to town and have also spawned their own group, whose sole purpose is to observe the Minutemen.

Carl Shook’s opinion is not just some opinion and I think it was wrong of the Herald to try and pass it off as such.

The Heralds editorial policy states that they do not print letters that focus on personal matters or promote a particular business. I don’t know where they draw the legal line between what is a business or not. But, the Herald certainly made a choice when it chose to ignore the spirit of their rule.

I think it was the wrong choice.


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