solsticesign-smallThis morning I’d like to weigh in on the Freedom from Religion Foundation’s sign that was put up in our state capital last week.  As I said, I’d like to, but thanks mostly to Bill O’Reilly, it has already been weighed in on by the masses.

So rather, I’ll weigh in on another sign, a  sign that was put up in the Wisconsin capital building around this time of year, but in 2004.

The sign read as follows:

“At this season of
may reason prevail.

There are no gods,
no devils, no angels,
no heaven or hell.
There is only our natural world.
Religion is but
myth and superstition
that hardens hearts
and enslaves minds.

Sure, it happens that the two signs bear identical text and are both courtesy of the Freddom from Religion Foundation, but the sign from 4 years ago Wisconsin comes without baggage of whether or not Governor Gregoire wimped out and the whole sign theft thing.  Oh, by the way I feel that stealing this sign or anything else is wrong.  However I derive that sentiment from my belief in God, so if you happen to not believe in God, then, well I’ve digressed.  You’ll have to figure out how to derive a moral code for yourself.

And my comments on the 2004 sign:

  • I’ve heard or read that it is really about balancing the other religious displays.  To that I respond that not every thing needs balance.   Should we balance hugging our children with a swift smack up side the head; strictly for  balance?   See unbalanced can be good.  And what exactly are they intending to balance?  Neither a menorah nor a creche make any comment on adherents of the atheist religions, yet the words on the sign do comment on the hardened hearts of those who are religious.  Again, balance?
  • To follow, I’d also say that the religious people I know are some of the most soft-hearted and humble people around.  And with few exceptions it is the religious people of the world who are first to devote their live to helping others.  They are the first to open their wallet and the first to get on the plane, train or bus.    And locally it’s tough to see the secular Planned Parenthood as anything but hard, while Whatcom Clinic, Catholic Community Services and St. Joseph’s are the measure of  a soft religious heart.
  • As for their being no gods etc I’ll just have to defer to the number of blessings I have received.  Perhaps it is shear coincidence that many of what I refer to as blessings come directly after praying to a God which atheists don’t believe exists.  And by God, what a miracle it is that  so many people around the world are having the same incredible coincidences.
  • And I guess working back wards through the sign I’ll make two comments on the  solstice portion of the sign.   First, using all caps in THE WINTER SOLSTICE sounds like the authors themselves are raising the winter solstice to some sort of religious holiday of their own.   And second, if you’re going to put your faith anywhere, wouldn’t it make more sense to put it into the maker of the physical world rather than the physical world itself.  I see the winter solstice, seasons, day, night, water, land all as incredible piece of Gods work.

So leave the sign, or don’t leave the sign.   Worship the solstice or even a rock; my feeling though,  is that you’ll be disapointed.  Meanwhile we, in some of the religious ilks, will be worshiping the Creator of your rock and suffering on with all of our shearly coincidental blessings.

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11 Responses to “Unbalanced”

  1. NicholasBlosser@yahoo.com says:

    Right you are… all that stuff about shrimp cocktails being an abomination, stoning your wife, and selling your daughters into slavery was written before Christ, wasn’t it?

    It’s very interesting how much of that stuff seems to be specific to a certain time and culture. One would think the lord would have had more foresight.

  2. wally says:

    I think you already know that it says to love your neighbor. God is the judge, not us.

  3. NicholasBlosser@yahoo.com says:

    Could you remind me, does the quote go “Love thy neighbor” or “Condemn thy neighbor” ? Every Christian seems to tell me something different.

  4. NicholasBlosser@yahoo.com says:

    In other words, you believe that it is my choice to go to hell for disagreeing with YOU.

    I do not believe that Christ would have liked a belief that is as divisive and narrow-minded as that.

    it seems to me that you’re more of a follower of the Bible, a book written about Christ a generation after he had already died, than Christ himself.

    • wally says:

      Whether or not you, I, or anyone else is destined for hell has nothing to do with me and/or disagreeing with ME. However, Christ did say that the path was narrow.
      Yes, I do follow the Bible as I believe it to contain God’s word. FYI, the bulk of the bible was written before Christ was born.

  5. NicholasBlosser@yahoo.com says:

    If that is what you need to bring order to an otherwise chaotic world, by all means go for it. It’s when people start claiming that others will “be sorry” for their beliefs that I find profoundly offensive. It shows a staggering lack of humility that is neither compassionate nor Christ-like.

    • wally says:

      I tend to think that I am merely the order He put in our world, but I’m guessing we will just disagree on that. Christ offered the world a choice, so even though I personally believe you will be sorry, it is your choice, not mine.

  6. wally says:

    Nicholas, thanks for the comment. Sure there are a lot of bad things in this world happening everyday and even I, for a period of time in my life, thought them entirely random.

    But, speaking to my life, the good started to noticeably outweigh the bad after becoming a Christian. And as I said in the post, many were in direct response to prayer, not random.

  7. Kevin Gibson says:

    To those who believe in God, they (the sign) are only words. I can say “I killed JFK in 1963” and that doesn’t make it true.

    To those who don’t believe in God you are in for a suprise. Now if you think that I am the one who will be suprised you are wrong and I will now explain. If there is no God then when you die there isn’t a afterlife. Therefore there won’t be a time of revelation of this fact. You won’t have any consciousness so you will be dead with no knowledge of the matter.

    Now if there is a God (and I truly believe in Him) then YOU will be the one who is suprised when you face Him. Now that is not to say that you will not see the Kingdom of Heaven because if you follow God’s teachings, knowingly or not, you are guaranteed entry.

    • wally says:

      Thanks for the thought. I like the won’t be surprised thought, it’s an interesting twist on the believe to CYA thought.

  8. NicholasBlosser@yahoo.com says:

    Boohoo, those darn atheists and their placards. It’s an abomination!
    Get over it.

    For as many vague ‘good’ coincidences that you talk about, there are just as many bad ones. Cancer, car crashes, natural disaster.
    ‘Things happening’ is not proof of God. Sorry. But you can believe they are if it makes you fear death less. That is your right.