Where are we going?

A few days ago I read that several Herald staffers won journalism awards. I was both pleased and disturbed. Pleased that I had read several of the articles and thought they were good also. The article by Fiona Cohen on the effects of warming on forests was good, not just the same global warming rhetoric.

The disturbing news involves the editorial staff. This statement from Scott Ayers,

“Scott said he enjoys his role now because he feels the newspaper’s editorial board has a responsibility to help lead the community on important issues. Among those are access to health care, education, government accountability and the preservation of Whatcom County’s unique character in the face of strong growth pressures.”

Note this; “responsibility to help lead the community”

I’ve mentioned before that I wonder how opinion letters are chosen. I have felt that there is an underlying agenda. So Scott says they are leading the community? Is this what we expect of a paper? To lead? I expect the news and news editorial to report and comment on happenings. Selecting what to write and what not to write to affect a desired outcome is practically the definition of propaganda. Journalist or propagandist?

But you’re the award winner, so I must be wrong. If I’m to be a follower and you’re the leader, then maybe out of courtesy you could write an article outlining where we are headed.

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