Denny’s: training ground for racists?

Last weekend we had lunch with friends from church. Both our families met at Denny’s after the service. It was fun. Denny’s really caters to kids with their children’s menu, color crayons, and placemats with puzzles and games. Well this time, I laughed when I saw that one of the games was a placemat version of Guess Who.

I can’t hear the words “racial profiling” without thinking of this game. And it’s not like Denny’s hasn’t been in the news with regards to racism.

How many people have played this game? It’s arranged similar to Battleship where you sit opposite your opponent and can’t see their playing board. But in this game their “board” is a grid of faces. The game is played like 20 questions with the object being to Guess Who your opponent has chosen as their character. So what you hear is questions like:

Is your person a girl?
Does your person have blue eyes?
Does your person have a hat?
Does your person have a white face?

Thru a process of inquiry and elimination you can figure out who your opponent has chosen. So is this game teaching racism and racial profiling? Some might think so. I think it is teaching discernment, observation, logic and judgment. But then again I think that all profiling is good. Build a profile of certain criminal behaviors and test people against the profile. We might catch more criminals.

And profile Muslim terrorists. Do let the gray haired old woman pass quickly through airport security. Do stop the sweating Arabic speaking male with the backpack.

Profiling is wonderful, but if you can’t seem to get past the word “racial” then follow me through this fiction example. A FICTIONAL EXAMPLE:

Crime statistics show that in past crimes, 90% of getaway vehicles were mini-vans.

A crime is committed and you observe 4 vehicles traveling away from the scene. Two are pickups, one is a minivan and one is 2 door hatchback.

You’re a cop, which one do you chase down and pullover?

Liberal cops, would refuse to believe the statistics and would pull over the hatchback which by the way has a fish bumper sticker, because as all liberals know, Christians are liars cheats and criminals. Following this logic is a form of profiling in itself. It is also stupid.

The styling and profiling cop would pullover the minivan and would with 90% probability catch the criminal. Profiling is smart.

So is Denny’s training our children in racism. No. But that was a catchy title wasn’t it. But no I don’t think they are racist. I do think they have good food at a reasonable price and sometimes the kids eat free.


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