Whatcom GOP – reorganizaton

There have been a couple of posts regarding the recent Whatcom GOP reorganizing meeting and I wanted to throw in my view as a new PCO participating in my first reorganizing meeting.  First let me restate that my opinion is not the official word of the Whatcom GOP, it is just my view of things.  Second, let me explain that a reorganizing meeting does not imply any measure of disarray within the party; it simply means that every 2 years when you elect new PCO’s, the new PCO’s vote for new new party officials, Chairperson, secretary, executive board members etc.

Bellinghammer offered up a strictly factual post, while Elisabeth at Latte Republic was a bit more scathing regarding how she felt a controversial election rule for PCO’s was used to selectively not seat Paulians.  It was that scathing post that was not surprisingly picked up by Sam Taylor at the Herald who loves stirring the pot so much I wouldn’t be surprised if he wore spoon on his hips like six shooters.

The Latte Rebublic post, while I’m sure is legally correct, also seems to demand a legal background to comprehend.  Parkenfarker pleads “pea brain” when it comes to stuff like this and I’m of that same small mind; I don’t understand it all and I don’t care to understand it all.  My opinion is that we should have allowed all the elected PCO’s who arrived on time to participate with a vote, but I’m not a parliamentarian nor a lawyer so I have no idea what the legal ramifications of that decision might have been.  It just seems like the right and inclusive thing to do.  I’ll be encouraging the new chairperson, as I’m sure others will be also, to reach out to those PCO’s.

From my perspective I thought the meeting went very well.  The meeting was amazingly calm and orderly for what I hear is the largest turnout of new PCO’s ever.  And it was amazingly calm and orderly considering state convention baggage that could have been brought up.  Sure there was a little grumbling from the guy sitting next to me and a few others who had supported Ron Paul during the election, but all in all the voting didn’t appear split into camps.  I’m pretty sure that there are plenty people who supported Ron Paul in various positions from the board, to PCO’s to the executive committee.  I am not sure though, just how many Thompson, Romney, McCain supporters such as myself, are in the various positions.  And the Paul, Thompson, Romney, McCain, Huckabee….question doesn’t matter at this point.

What matters and what was quite apparent, was that I was surrounded by various shades of conservatism, yet we were all coming together to work within the Republican Party for the betterment of our nation.

To be cont’d.


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