Should the State sue King County exec Ron Sims?

According to an AP story he asked those in the gay and lesbian community to sue him and his office so the courts would have to rule on the state’s definition of marriage. He knew what the law was. He knew it was the will of the majority of the people. But he personally wanted the law changed, so he started in motion this sneaky and I’m sure costly chain of events hoping things would come out in his favor.

“As King County executive, Sims felt he couldn’t just ignore a state ban on gay nuptials – no matter how much he wanted to issue marriage licenses. But, Sims reasoned, he could try to get the law thrown out.”

“We talked a lot over the weekend, because it was a big debate within the gay and lesbian community whether this was the appropriate time, whether this was the appropriate strategy,” Sims said.

I think that Ron Sims needs to go. The people of Whatcom County can’t vote him in or out of office, yet his personal beliefs are costing us as Washington taxpayers


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