Black Friday

It’s 4:40am and I’m ready to hit the road on a traditional Black Friday shopping raid. A traditional shopping trip in which I fetch all the low price toys for the kids before my wife wakes up. Of course she has a Thanksgiving tradition of creating a detailed battle plan including items, routes and schedule.
1st stop is the black listed Walmart. WorldNetDaily: Wal-Mart blacklisted for Black Friday

I hate to do it. But it’s all about the kids you know.


It was a successful raid. Got everything I went for and was home before anyone woke up. There was a sea of shoppers, but all were happy and polite. Even had time for Starbucks.

We later tried unsuccessfully to get a few other items from Walmart online. I guess we were not the only ones to have problems. Wal-Mart’s Shopping Site Blacks Out on Black Friday

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