Governor Gregoire – Catholic, Christian or What?

Yesterday Governor Gregoire commented on the State Supreme Court’s decision regarding gay marriage. She said “As to my personal beliefs, Mike and I received the sacrament of marriage in the Catholic faith. State government provided us with certain rights and responsibilities, but the state did not marry us.”

She also said “I believe the state should provide these same rights and responsibilities to all citizens. I also believe the sacrament of marriage is between two people and their faith; it is not the business of the state.”

I am really confused with Governor Gregoire’s religious vs. legal position. She claims to be Catholic, but promotes stem cell research, abortion and now it seems gay marriage all of which are clearly contrary to the Vatican’s position. And then she says that the Catholic Church is the basis of her marriage and not the state?

First, she may claim that the state did not marry her and her husband, but the state/county did however collect a fee and issue a license which is legally binding. Oh and if the State Supreme Court can issue rulings on who can and can’t get married, then I’d have to say they have at least something to do with her marriage.

To avoid argument lets group Catholics with Christians and then ask this question. Can a person be pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage and still be a Christian?

My second point is this. I believe that you can be gay, have had an abortion, have stolen etc. and still be a Christian. Christians commonly refer to this as “accepting the sinner while rejecting the sin.” I think that actively promoting sinful behaviors such as taking a pro-abortion or pro-gay position means you have accepted the sin. This position seems dangerous to a one’s salvation. Christ wants us to strive against sin, not for sin.

My third point is that I’d have an easier time respecting our Governor is she took a position on a subject and not all positions. Take the Christian position or the non-Christian position, or leave faith out of things altogether. At least then I would know whether I agreed with her or not.

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