Fox News Report: Hundreds of WMDs Found in Iraq

Fox is a pretty mainstream news source. Why is it that they are the only ones running the story? At the request of Rep. Pete Hoekstra,, Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, John D. Negroponte Director of National Intelligence has released a summary of WMD found in Iraq since 2003.

The summary confirms the recovery of approximately 500 weapons munitions which contain mustard gas and sarin nerve agent. It also cautions that they still believe there are both filled and unfilled munitions still in existence in Iraq. Here is the URL to go look at the actual document.

Where is the story? For others like me this isn’t a big surprise. If you pay attention to the facts and not the news, it is pretty obvious that they have been there all along.

My guess is that the media won’t put this out there until they have had a chance to make up some excuse about Sarin not being a WMD, or contrive a story about this being false information leaked to take our mind off of global warming or something else.

The media, liberals and democrats are not going to say, “Wow, I guess President Bush was right after all and we were right to go into Iraq before these weapons were used against us.”

I truly hope this is all over the media tomorrow.

And another thing: I am glad that my government was thinking about invading Iraq before 9/11. It wasn’t a conspiracy on the part of President Bush, it was good thinking. I hope we are developing plans for invading, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, etc. We should be developing plans for invasions of potential trouble spots so we are not caught off guard if we need to actually invade them. You plan for a rainy day, hoping that they will never come.

Thank you President Bush for doing an awesome job.

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