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A couple of weeks ago I wrote regarding one way to deal with the impending construction of the Nooksack casino and yesterday commented on the BS about the religous ceremony. And a day later that is what’s on the news, religous ceremony interupted by protestors.

And the Herald opinion editors even got in on the act with a lengthy essay regarding the hostile nature nature of the nail throwers and the inconsiderate nature of the now anti-religous protestors. They also went the victim route by explaining that we should respect the Nooksacks because of their long history in the region. Well they don’t have a long history of running casinos, but it is getting there.

Also yesterday I sent off an edited version of my fence in the casino post from two weeks ago. I’ll hold my breath until it is printed. And by the way, I don’t encourage hostile anything towards the Nooksacks.

Yesterdays letter to the Herald:

Will the casino be built?

We have gone too far in catering to foreign nations such as the Nooksacks. We have generously allowed them to exist as a sovereign nation within our borders. In return, they claim victim when it comes to social services and then sovereignty when it comes to building casinos.

The people of Washington outlawed these types of casinos decades ago. And yet some still ask why we are upset. There is little chance of truly solving this issue before the ground breaking, but there are things that we could do at the state, county and individual level.

We could:

Build a fence surrounding this “tribal trust land”
Cut off casino access by relocating US resident driveways and dead ending roads.
Relieve stress on our jails by deporting jailed Nooksacks to this “tribal trust land”
Ask our governor to allow our states National Guard to patrol this border.
Pile fresh steaming dairy manure, I mean fertilizer, around the site.

Yes, the Nooksacks will build their casino. But the real question is will elderly Canadians hobble down a dead end road, wade through manure and climb over a chain fence to go gambling?


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