Casinos – What an eye opener

Per the Herald protestors interrupted a “religious ceremony” that “included moving dirt with construction equipment.” What kind of a “religious ceremony” requires large scale excavation? Sounds like a bunch of hooey aimed at making the protestors look like they are oppressing the Nooksack. How did they manage this “ceremony” before the evil white man brought shovels to America?

Clashes seem inevitable when you allow a sovereign people to exist within your borders, yet neither within nor subject to many of your laws. The Nooksack culture is not US culture.

The eye opener comes when you look at the similarities to illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants choose to live within the US borders but outside of US laws and culture. Most don’t want to assimilate into our culture, they want to get what they can from living here, but don’t want to be subject to our rules. They want things to be done their way, yet they are in our country.

Allowing this separate culture living within our borders will cause clashes.

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