US ‘biggest global peace threat’

“People in European and Muslim countries see US policy in Iraq as a bigger threat to world peace than Iran’s nuclear programme, a survey has shown.”

This BBC headline cited information from the same Pew Research poll I referred to yesterday. I question that we are the biggest global peace threat. Suppose tomorrow the US closed all military bases except those on US soil, retired our air and sea fleets, destroyed our nuclear and chemical arsenals, and deactivated all associated members of the military. We would be a threat to no one. But would this make the world a peaceful place? Would the North Koreans remain in North Korea? Would the Chinese invade Taiwan? Would the Palestinians reach a peace agreement with Israel? Would Iran reach a peace agreement with Israel? Would the world be a more peaceful place? I don’t think the South Koreans, Taiwanese, nor Israelis to name a few, would find the world a more peaceful place.

I don’t think it would be a very peaceful place either. US isolationism hasn’t worked well for the world in the past. Anyone remember those two world wars? So who is it that feels threatened by our presence in Iraq and not threatened by a nuclear armed Iran? Well let us consult the same article.

“According to the survey, people in the US and Europe have grown increasingly concerned in the last year over Iran’s nuclear programme. However, the poll showed public opinion in predominantly Muslim countries was far less troubled by Tehran’s nuclear programme.”

It is no wonder that Muslim countries wouldn’t feel threatened. Because Iran won’t be aiming the nuclear missiles at Muslim nations, they will be aimed at the interests of non-Muslim nations, i.e. the US, Great Britain, Israel, etc. Why? Because that’s what Muslims doctrine teaches. And when they are through killing us and our friends they will start in on each other, like has been the case in the Middle East before the US even existed. This doesn’t sound too peaceful to me.

The US is not a threat to global peace. We are the world’s only hope for peace.


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