Global Image of the U.S. Is Worsening, Survey Finds

The New York Times reported that a recent survey found our global image worsening. I’m not surprised, what with this recent poll being brought to us by Pew Research, the very left leaning partisan yet self proclaimed nonpartisan polling outfit. Pew Research is part of the Pew Charitable Trust. A trust with an agenda for advancing certain policies. I don’t think that a polling outfit with an agenda can be unbiased.

To the New York Times and many other news outlets, reporting that public opinion about the US is worsening, amounts to no more than a self fulfilling prophecy. People around the world form their opinions about the US primarily from the news they read.

News papers chose which stories to run. If they choose to run stories that degrade US image, then this will show up in the polls. If they chose to promote the good things about the US then the polls will show an improved opinion of us.

News drives public opinion!

I wonder if editors are afraid of being labeled as propagandist if they run the real news or God help them, news with a positive light. Do people really think that only the negative news about the US can be the truth?

Hey all you editors!

How about reporting the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

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