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pw Back when Brett Bonner was still around I suggested that he team up with Joe Teehan for a show like KVI’s commentators in which liberal Ken Schram and conservative Jon Carlson host a daily show.

Joe on the other hand I see as liberal and not very sensible.  Most of the time I can’t stand listening to him or his even more liberal and less sensible guests.  But I have noticed that when talking with a conservative guest rather than a conservative caller, he quickly tones things down to a point that I can understand and sometimes appreciate his opinion.  Then I heard the blurb you did about him and I wondered if Bellingham might be into a show with you two together.  I think it would have mass appeal in Whatcom County.

It’s not in my work schedule hear much talk radio, but every now and then I like to indulge myself with one of KGMI’s podcasts.  As you can tell from my last few posts, how the world reacts to the situation in Gaza if of great interest to me.  So I downloaded a copy of the Morning show with Joe & Patti that listed Gaza as a topic.  After a few minutes on this polarizing topic I found it was quite an interesting twist that with the all the shuffling at KGMI, and Brett Bonner’s exit, we now have the type of show that I wanted when Brett was around.  We have a toned down yet still liberal Joe Teehan teamed with the obviously conservative, yet not line toting, Patti Brooks.

On this episode I found the Joe & Patti lined up pretty much where I hear most who identify themselves with the left and right; Joe claiming that Israel has their rights, but that they are way out of line with the amount of force, and Patti more in line with myself in that Israel is just doing what they feel is necessary to put an end to the years of bombardment from Gaza.

In the show, Joe refers to the Hamas as a small minority and in his analogy to Whatcom County uses the example of a few guys lobbing rockets into Canada.  While this is very similar to other analogies I’ve heard from the left, it is still just as wrong.  Joe’s assessment of Hamas as a minority and similar to a few guys in Whatcom county is totally inaccurate.  The Palestinian people elected officials from the Hamas Party, the same way we elect Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, etc.

Saturday, January 29, 2005
Hamas, a radical islamist party, has won by a large majority in the Gaza Strip council elections held last month. Hamas won 75 out of the 118 seats, with Fatah, the party of Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas only managing to secure 39 seats. Of the ten council areas in Gaza, Hamas has control of seven.

The rockets are not fired off by a minority or a few guys as Joe says, they are smuggled into the area and fired off by members of Hamas.  The same Hamas that was elected with 64% of the vote.  The Democrats are the majority party in our state and in the last election, showed not dissimilar percentages.

So a more correct analogy might be one where our state government under Democrat Christine Gregiore’s leadership secretly truck in rockets from Oregon and local Democrats set them up in public school yards.  The Democratic Party, still angry over the Great Pig War, launch rockets North for 7 years before Canada finally fights back.  They target government and public facilities; they target high ranking Democratic Party officials.
In fear for their life, Republicans steer clear of public schools, City Council meetings, Neighbors with lingering Obama ’08 signs, the Federal building, the college and any other known Democrat hangouts.  The Canadians make a valiant effort to target only hate mongering Democrats, yet sadly many peaceful Republicans are caught in the crossfire.  International news condemns Canada for allowing the deaths of Republican children.
Many Democrats die at the hands of Canada before Canada returns home.  In Washington, we Republicans pray that Canada has made a big enough impact on the Democratic Party that the Republicans will be triumphant in the next election.  Even though Washington is made up of both Democrats and Republicans, we Republicans are willing to put generations of Pig War anger and forge a lasting peace with Canada.
(previous analogy is completely fictional and any similarities between Democrats and Hamas are purely coincidental)

Not every Palestinian wants to wipe Israel off the world, but enough of them apparently do that they elected a ruling party who indiscriminately fires rockets into Israel.  Israel will hopefully kill or chase out enough Hamas supporters, so that the more peaceful Fatah party might flourish and not shoot rockets into Israel.  As the threat from Gaza diminishes, trade with Israel and the world will increase and Gaza may become a peaceful and prosperous place to live.

The ball is, as it has been, in Gaza’s court.  If they choose violence towards Israel, then there will be violence towards Gaza, but if they choose to live peacefully with Israel then there will in Gaza.

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