Being led astray by the Herald.

The Editorial staff at the Herald has claimed in the past, their pride in leading the community. I have questioned where they intend to lead us. Today’s “Our view” titled “Eyman referendum fails; decency, fairness triumph” helps me understand where we are being led. The following quote is from that article:

“We are very pleased that so few people in our state wanted to support a measure that would have codified discrimination as legal.”

Why would they say this, when HR 65 did not propose to any additional state codes.
ESHB 2661 already delivered a revised code giving special rights based on sexual orientation. Ref 65 or “Eyman’s proposal” would have allowed voters to choose whether to keep this revision or not.

Ref 65 would not have added new code.

Apparently we are:

Being led to believe that it is decent and fair to grant special rights based on sexual orientation.

Being lead to believe it is OK to misstate state codes and referendums if it serves you.

Being lead believe that legislators are better at knowing what we want than we are.

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