embryo AP is reporting that President Obama will this week overturn the President Bush’s policy which “limited taxpayer money for embryonic stem cell research to a small number of stem cell lines.”

Back in January, when the Obama Presidency was still fresh, long before voters remorse over electing a socialist had set in, I put up the following post.   With the delay from the Obama Administration, this post seems again to be timely.

Jan 26, 2009

On Friday I was listening to a little of the Ed Schultz Show on our local progressive radio station AM 930.  You know I wouldn’t want to be accused of just listening to Rush Limbaugh.  But anyway, Sen. Tom Harkin was on talking about changes the Obama Administration will be making in the area of stem cell research.  President Obama had said he would relax a ban on federal funding for stem cell research and I don’t think anyone doubts that he will.  Today he signed us taxpayers on to fund international abortion clinics, as if aborting our children were not enough.  So I don’t see him balking at harvesting human embryos in the name of research.  But that was not the interesting part of the chat show.  The interesting part was when they talked about this news item.

A U.S. biotech company says it plans to start this summer the world’s first study of a treatment based on human embryonic stem cells; a long-awaited project aimed at spinal cord injury.

The company gained federal permission this week to inject eight to 10 patients with cells derived from embryonic cells, said Dr. Thomas Okarma, president and CEO of Geron Corp. of Menlo Park, Calif.

The patients will be paraplegics, who can use their arms but can’t walk. They will receive a single injection within two weeks of their injury.

The study is aimed at testing the safety of the procedure, but doctors will also look for signs of improvement like return of sensation or movement in the legs, Okarma said.

Whatever its outcome, the study will mark a new chapter in the contentious history of embryonic stem cell research in the United States; a field where debate spilled out of the laboratory long ago and into national politics.
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The discussion Ed  had with both the Senator and callers seamlessly attributed this breaking event to the new administration and the promises made by Barack Obama.  It was truly a feeding frenzy for those wishing to take one more snap at President Bush.

Ed, Senator Harkin and numerous callers praised President Obama saying we will finally put an end to the last 8 years where “Bush” had essentially put a gag order on scientific research.  One of the more lengthy calls even proclaimed that under the Bush Administration people had to go to China for stem cell treatment and to Sweden to study because it had been outlawed in the US.

However, at no time did anyone, not even the host himself bother to explain that the clinical trials about to be underway were not the result of anything that President Obama had done, nor that they were not the result of any change in administration.  The clinical trials are in fact the result of a private company legally investing private dollars here in the US during the Bush Administration.

President Barack Obama has promised to relax the Bush administration’s restrictions on federal financing for such research. But Obama’s ascent to the White House had nothing to do with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s granting permission for the new study, Okarma said in a telephone interview Thursday.

In fact, the company says, the project involves stem cells that were eligible for federal funding under Bush, although no federal money was used to develop the experimental treatment or to pay for the human study.

You see President Bush did not put a gag on, nor outlaw stem cell research, he simply said that no more federal tax dollars would be spent on new genetic lines for research.  People have been allowed and are still being allowed to research using private funding or existing genetic lines.  That’s how this clinical trial came to fruition; privately, under the Bush administration, and not in any way shape or form due to President Obama.

What President Bush did was try to temper the situation with a little foresight so as to avoid our government’s participation in what many, including myself, feel is a slippery slope towards creation of an industry that conceives and kills children for profit.  I expect at this point many left leaners will be calling me all kinds of ridiculous, but you will be wrong.

Before the show was over there was a caller who was calling for selling “surplus embryos” from fertility clinics for research and treatments and the host Ed Schultz was agreeing that this would be a good thing.  I find it a bit stomach turning to use the word surplus in the context of human life.  Try saying surplus children.  Now try saying that it is ok to sell surplus children for scientific research.  It’s tough to feel good about that isn’t it?

And as if that weren’t a bad enough place for the slippery slope to lead, the caller then brought up actually creating human embryos (aka children) for the sole purpose of selling them in the stem cell market; and again the host agreed and again my stomach is turning.

Those in the Democratic Party who have aligned themselves with the secular world are legislating utter disrespect for life and are sinking to new unfathomed levels with their position on this subject as well as abortion and euthanasia.

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