Let the Nooksacks build their casino

I read a bit today about the Whatcom County Councils resolution to talk with the Nooksacks. And I read that there was a lot of arguing back and forth. But the Herald wrote the one and only pertinant fact in this whole casino issue, “As a federally recognized tribe, the Nooksacks have the same rights as a sovereign nation, able to make decisions about their land free from local and state control.” So if they want to build a casino then they can build a casino.

Does this mean we should roll over? No! Should we let another sovereign nation step into the middle of our county and impose themselves on our way of life? No!

The US and Washington state residents should stand up for our rights. And if we have in the past, gone too far in catering to foreign nations such as the Nooksack tribe, then we need to correct it by either changing or adding federal laws. But that will take time.

In the meantime, let’s not be defeatist. We may not have control of what they do on tribal land, but we do have control over what we do on our land. Let’s look at the tools we have available, and fix the problem the best way we can. So here is my proposal:

First, we build a fence surrounding this “tribal trust land”

Second, we end the roads leading to the future casino site just past the driveway of the last US residence.

Third, we ask our governor to allow our states National Guard to patrol monitor this border.

These are thing that are in our control. And since the Nooksacks are going to build this thing anyway, I think that these ideas would be pretty effective at limiting the damage to our way of life.

The bonus of this whole proposal comes when you think of casino employees, performers from the 70’s and elderly patrons trekking to the casino. Imagine Sheena Easton chatting with the elderly woman from Chilliwack as they walk down the dead end road. And I’m sure Sheena is the kind of performer that wouldn’t hesitate to give you a leg up over the fence.

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