He’s not a terrorist, come on. He’s a Canadian citizen

This was said by the brother of one of 17 “suspected” terrorists arrested recently in Canada. He went on to say, “The people that were arrested are good people, they go to the mosque, they go to school, go to college.”

The imam of a local Islamic center with school and mosque knew nine of the suspects and also said they were falsely accused. He admitted that there could be some criminal activity with a few guys. He also said that “We are the ones always accused.”

Is this just a case of everyone always accusing the innocent Islamist of being terrorists?

Are the Canadians taking racial profiling lessons from us?

Let’s profile this situation

1. Young Islamic male
2. Connections to terrorists arrested in the US
3. Attended Toronto area terrorist training camp
4. Camouflage outfit in closet
5. Toolbox contains detonators
6. Own 3 tons of explosives

Is this the profile of just some innocent school kids?

I am glad that these guys were stopped prior to carrying out what ever plans they had. Again I am glad for profiling. Do it. Look at all Islamic, look closer at the males, look harder at those with suspicious connections, look harder and harder and keep looking until you find the ones with the bombs.

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