Level-3 Sex Offender Now Living in Ferndale

From KGMI:

A Level-3 sex offender is now living in the 5300 block of Meyers Drive in Ferndale. Michael Charles Gasper—also known as Michael LaDue—has shot a person and sexually assaulted at least two teenage girls. Level-3 sex offenders are considered high risks to re-offend.
Wally wonders why guys like this aren’t in jail. But at least we know where they are and living and what they look like so we can protect and our family.

But wait. The Bellingham Herald article says:

“Michael Charles Gasper, also known as Michael Charles LaDue, lives in the 5300 block of Myers Drive. He moved to Ferndale from Skagit County about a year ago, said Chief Criminal Deputy Jeff Parks.

Wally wonders why we are just know hearing about this guy if he moved here about a year ago?

But wait, but wait! Wally wonders why he doesn’t appear to be in the Whatcom county sex offender database when the B-ham Herald says:

He was classified as a Level III sex offender, the highest rating, meaning he is considered likely to commit another sex crime.

But wait, wait, wait. They say he “was” classified. Does that mean he was Level III and now he’s not? Huh? Does that mean he was Level III and now he’s dead? If so is the 5300 block of Meyers Drive in Ferndale a cemetery?

Wally Wonders why this is so confusing, when he is sure the authorities know exactly where these guys are living at all times. Because if they didn’t they would be picked up and put back in jail. Right?