Shooting tragedy in Seattle

We’ve all heard about the deaths of 6 young people by now. Now I am is starting to hear and read about how we shouldn’t blame the party, that it was peaceful and harmless. People are already blaming guns, gun control and Montana police for not locking the guy up. Following are excerpts from advertisements for the said event.

Funshine Productions brings you a night of terror
get ready to eat some brains!!!!
Better off undead

Come to our zombie/undead creature appreciation dance and rock out to
all night for all you zombie heads to romp around to.
Movie room hosted by webbwerx all your favorite slasher movies with a side of music.

Please come in undead attire

Wally wonders why people who celebrate death with a party about death are so surprised when an invited guest shows up bringing death.

If you love cars, go to a car show. But watch out, you may run into someone who is insane about cars.

If you love StarTrek, go to a Trek convention. But watch out, you may run into some whacked out Trekkies. People who have genuinely lost touch with reality.

So if you love death, and go to a party celebrating death. Watch out! You may run into someone who is more into death than you are.

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