Thank God that he isn’t responsible for the Quran.

US news services are reporting that the Christian convert will be released. Don’t thank Allah, thank God. Apparently “Allah” had something else on his mind.


Death is the punishment stipulated by Sharia, or Islamic law, for apostasy. The Afghan legal system is based on a mix of civil and sharia law.

“We respect all religions, but we don’t go into the British embassy or the American embassy to see what religion they are following,” said cleric Enayatullah Baligh at Kabul’s main mosque.

“We won’t let anyone interfere with our religion, and he should be punished.”

“The Quran is very clear and the words of our prophet are very clear. There can only be one outcome: death,” said cleric Khoja Ahmad Sediqi, who is also a member of the Supreme Court.

Wally wonders why people don’t spend more time learning about Islam straight from those who know it the best. Is this a culture of tolerance, peace, freedom? This isn’t even radical fundamentalist Muslims, this is mainstream.

Wally says embarrass them, kill them, free them, put them on a leash and make them bark like a dog. Just do something before we are all Muslim or dead.


One Response to “Thank God that he isn’t responsible for the Quran.”

  1. Oliver says:

    You’re totally going to hell for your blasphemy.