Blogging vomit

My wife and I have had the flu all of last night and most of today. I didn’t get up to read the news. I didn’t get up to go to church. I did get up to vomit. And this occurred to me in a lucid post vomit moment. Blogging and vomiting are a lot alike. The instruments (keyboard vs. toilet) being the biggest difference. And the taste.

You catch a bug

Then you get a weird feeling in you stomach’

It grows to a knot

Then you run to bend over the toilet (or keyboard)

And WHAM! All this yuck just comes flying out

And then you feel better

For a while…

And don’t forget not to go to work tomorrow in support of illegal immigrants.

And don’t go Tuesday in support of thieves.

And don’t go Wednesday in support of tax evaders.

And don’t go Thursday in support of child abusers.

And remember Friday is casual day. Dress in jeans, then don’t go to work in support of foreign sweat shops.

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