I mowed the lawn.

I was regretting not going to last night human rights meeting, but after reading the coverage, I guess I’m glad I mowed the lawn. Mostly old news. The exception maybe was that the herald reported this line:

“spurred by complaints about a contingent of the Minuteman”

This was the first I’ve heard of an actual complaint, if in fact it was referring to actual complaints, because nothing more was mentioned in the coverage. There is a big difference between whining and complaining and having enough facts to file an actual complaint.

It was good in two respects to hear the sheriff say that the Minutemen were being cooperative, law biding and had received no reports otherwise.

The first respect is that the Minutemen are conscientious about doing what they say they are doing.

And in the second respect, It speaks well of the Hispanic/immigrant community. They obviously think the Minutemen have it in for them, yet they as a whole seem to have the good character not to make unfounded reports. It was also good to read that Rosalinda Guillen seemed to be searching for a workable solution and not trying to inflame this situation. She said advocates of humane immigration reform are not calling for blanket amnesty or open borders.

This gives rise to a question. What are they calling for? How do Hispanic US citizens think we should solve the border/immigration/illegal immigrant situation?

Their solution is the only one with a chance. I don’t think any plan put forth by a non-Hispanic will be accepted, let alone looked at, because there will be too many people calling it racist before the ink dries.

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