Capital Hill shooting

King-5 news:

When police officers arrived at the scene, they allegedly found the man pointing the gun at the officers. The officers then opened fire, killing the man.

It was not immediately clear if the suspect fired any shots.

“He was very angry and depressed,” said Matt Stephens, a witness who had talked to the suspect just prior to the shooting.

“He’s just a baby, he’s just 18 years old,” cried Tanya Moore, a friend of the suspect. She said he had just gotten out of jail and was turning his life around.

No officers or other people were injured.

I just loved the way this was written. The “baby” allegedly pointed the gun. But there is no doubt the police opened fire and killed him. Shouldn’t innocence until proven guilt go for police also? If the “baby” can allegedly point his gun, can’t the police allegedly open fire and allegedly kill him?

How about my version:

Police shoot and kill angry ex-con threatening public safety with a gun.

With this much pandering to the criminal, I’m sure we will be hearing from all sorts of groups. Maybe the ACLU will get involved?

If in fact the suspect had never grown up and was still a “baby”, then can this qualify as a abortion?

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