Lost in budget debates and news stories

spending problem That’s how our Rep Doug Ericksen describes the fact that our state is actually not short on tax revenue, it is just $8 billion dollars long on spending. 

Yeah, I’ve not heard that in the news either.  I also don’t hear much about how our Federal tax burden has gone up to fund the “stimulus” package to states so they don’t have to cut spending to living within their means levels.  

As Doug says in his latest newsletter,  we can balance our budget, but to do so,

“our state must close the walls on liberal spending and commit to a prioritized state government that focuses on the protection of its most vulnerable, public safety and education. This will require restructuring state government  and living within our means.”

Isn’t it again refreshing to hear a politician who seems to realize that you don’t get out of debt by borrowing more money? 

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