Happy White Privilege Awareness Week!

Yep, it’s here already. It really caught me off guard this year. I have hardly had time to prepare.

Sure it’s a new festival now, but as our nation progresses it may become one of the bigger holidays. It may even overshadow the nearby Easter & Passover, the way MLK day did for Presidents Day. How great is it that we live in such a progressive society that we are willing to forget our foundations and founders.

Kidding aside. At WWU this is white privilege awareness week. Brought to us by the anti-racist white student union. This is what all Americans have the privilege of paying for when we financially support higher education. I use the word higher very loosely. Our forefathers created this nation with equal rights for everyone, period. We were amongst the first to do this and then in turn to end slavery. What a privilege for everyone. Whites are not more privileged than any other American. In fact some would consider themselves under privileged when they look at the number of public programs and laws aimed specifically at non-white Americans.

Wally Wonders Why some think that making our skin color an issue is going to end racism. Focusing on the things we have in common as Americans will put an end to racism.