BH1 You may have noticed a little downturn in the frequency of the postings here at Wally Wonders Why.  With our President and Congress moving forth with their plans for a secular socialist nation, there is no shortage of topics to write about.  However, instead of writing, we’ve been loadin’ up the truck to move in our relatively new home;  the old home being built in the early 30’s or before and the relatively new one having been put up in the 70’s

There will be more than 1 toilet in the house and we won’t have to walk through the weather to get to the garage, so even though it is only a move to East Ferndale, it will seem like Beverly Hills to us simple folk.  We will miss our 5 acres of heaven in West Ferndale, but will feel a bit more freedom as we shed the chores that go with the acreage and unburden a huge chunk of time in our day to day lives. 

I’ve made certain to say a bit more freedom rather than a lot more freedom, because what we are to do with that time has been allocated by the Big Guy for quite sometime now.  Until recently, the how and when of his plan has been a little fuzzy, but over the last 60 days or so, we have accumulated quite a list showing that He has indeed ordained this move.  I’ll be sharing more in the near future.

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