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tea-party Now I didn’t attend the TEA Party on the Guide, but I do identify with the sentiments of those who did.  I happened to see my 2nd grader hit a double in his first baseball game, so I won’t be apologizing for my absence.

I have kept tabs on the TEA party goings on though.  I’ve heard liberals & liberal Democrats on talk radio and television laughing at these Tea Parties with remarks about us not realizing that the government would cease to exist without taxes.  And I can’t recall where I read this comment, perhaps it was on the Herald Politics blog, however, it was a snide, yet entertaining remark about the irony of anti-tax protestors standing on streets that were paved with taxes.  And I’ve read a local liberal/Democrat blogger quote a poll “which finds 61% of Americans saying they regard the income taxes they have to pay this year as fair.”  Keep in mind that the poll asked about the fairness of taxes paid this year without mention of whether drastic future increases would be fair.  And let’s not for get this misdirection play by Janeane Garofalo who calls the protests racism straight up and describes those at the TEA parties as redneck white power activists who simply can’t tolerate a black man in the White House.

That’s all fine, dandy and part of their right to express themselves in our nation, but whether through ignorance or stubborn partisanship, liberal Democrats act like they miss the very plain message of the TEA party.

I’m of a mind that they are just being stubborn to play the partisan game, because the message of the TEA party is very simple and exactly as stated; we are Taxed Enough Already.  The message is not that we don’t want to pay taxes.  The  message is not that we are demanding extreme cut in taxes.  The message is that we are Taxed Enough Already.  Taxed Enough Already as in we don’t think it is right to be taxed even more.

We acknowledge that the previous administration added to our future tax burden when they first began the recent bailouts, but we also can’t ignore the kind of spending that is currently being proposed.  While the Obama administration is promising that 95% of us will see no tax increase this year, with his penchant for spending our money, he is also setting into motion future tax increases that will dwarf all those from the past, both ancient or recent.

We are Taxed Enough Already and we wish for our government to reign in their spending so we won’t see future tax increases.  I know, I know, it is said that we need more money in play to jolt our economy out of it’s slump, but who says that money has to be taken from us under threat of incarceration and spent by the Obama administration in order to reach the economy?

Since the government will take a cut for managing the process, I’d argue that there would be more money stimulating the economy if the government simply left it in our pockets rather taking it from us in additional taxes.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but money I have is either saved or spent.  And I don’t save it by shoebox or mattress, I put it in some form of banking or investment.  I would bet that rich or poor, from me to Bill Gates, we all do pretty much the same thing with our money.  The money we spend goes directly into the economy and the money we save is used by banks for loans which also puts money directly into the economy.

If we stand for the spending that this administration is proposing as necessary stimulus, then we are approving future tax increases that will cripple if not completely kill our nations economy.  Just like the Grimm Reaper, the taxman will visit the children of all regardless of party affiliations.  We have a problem that crosses all party lines and the shear number of those who turned out makes me think that Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and no those with no party affiliations whatsoever are finally beginning to getting it.

We need to demand that our government stop increases in spending because we are Taxed Enough Already.

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