Now is a time to remember

I checked out a biography video from the library the other day. Saddam Hussein – Defying the World. It was made in 1990.

I saw footage of: Saddam flaunting nuclear triggering devices in front of reporters, streets littered with the bodies of Kurds massacred with nerve agents, Iraqi soldiers in special gear deploying chemical weapons against Iranian forces, the big gun he intended to use against Israel.

So here we are after the 1st US Gulf War, a decade of UN sanctions, more threats by Saddam, and our most recent invasion. Daily we are being told by liberal media that, Saddam wasn’t a nuclear threat, that he didn’t have chemical and nerve agent WMD’s, that he was no threat to anyone, and finally that our President is more evil than the simply misunderstood Saddam. I’m glad we have a President who remembered the real Saddam.

So now is a time to remember, because there are brave soldiers from all over the world still fighting

Now is a time also to watch and remember what is going on with Iran. Fifteen years from now someone may try and convince you that Iran never had a nuclear weapons program and that they just wanted to be our friends.

We are doing the right thing for the right reason. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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