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letterSometimes the Herald doesn’t “get the message that you confirmed your letter” and/or it is suggested that we should¬†“feel free to reword and resubmit.” Well that sometimes may have happened again last week when I submitted this letter to the Bellingham Herald.

Recent letters have suggested that last week’s TEA party was anything from a right-wing stunt campaign to a gathering of those who share common tax philosophy with Osama bin Laden. While I am entertained by those type of notions, they are far from the truth.

My belief is that, if our government is good stewards of our taxes, then we already have enough tax revenue to run our nation within a balanced budget. We are neither overtaxed nor undertaxed, but taxed just about right. Surely there are TEA party advocates who feel we are currently way overtaxed, but it would be difficult to find one of the thousands in the streets last week who advocates not paying no taxes at all.

We all know you can’t take your credit card on a shopping binge and not receive a big bill. And, we all know you can’t rack up minutes and not expect an astronomical cell bill. Likewise, our nation can’t spend trillions of dollars now and not expect our taxes to go up later. The bill will come due. To avoid future tax increases, we need to reign in out of control spending right now.
We are Taxed Enough Already.

It could have been that sometimes again or they may have just been flooded with letters or it could possibly have been absolutely ignored like the letters I wrote directly to Julie Shirley. Or, perhaps the Herald is just too large, as the much smaller Ferndale Record Journal did keep track of my letter.

.: Update :.

While the previously mentioned letter seemed to be sucked into a blackhole, the following letter was almost instantly confirmed and was printed just a couple of days later.

I have just finished reading the Our View editorial “Taxes held in check, now efficiency needed” and I have to share how utterly irresponsible I feel your editorial board is for heralding a “balanced budget without raising taxes or instituting new taxes.”

Perhaps from the governor’s perspective our state budget has been balanced without raising state taxes, but many of your readers are also federal taxpayers (you know, IRS, April 15) and this state budget just laid a $3 billion federal tax burden on us and, sadly, our posterity.

If you are going to applaud the state Legislature for passing a so-called “balanced budget,” will you shortly be throwing tomatoes and booing our Congress for cowering to a president who is instituting the most imbalanced budget our nation has ever seen?

You would better serve the people of Whatcom County if your opinion was a bit less namby-pamby.


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